Train tours are specially designed for those travelers who are not reluctant to travel by trains. So if you are also the one, who is not averse to traveling by trains, it is the most apt tour package for you to spend your holidays in India. North India train tours take you to every nook and cranny of northern region of India to let you explore to the depths of it. It is the best suited option for those travelers who seeks to unearth the cultural heritage of the country in the most royal way. When traveling in India with a luxury train then exploring some of the most interesting facets of India should be on your priority list as it will surely endow you the most amazing experiences of your life.

The luxury train tour in North India is the most imperial way of spending one’s vacation. It perfectly suits for travelers who do not mind spending a penny in return of quality services and sheer indulgence. The popular trains in north India are the Nilgiri rail, Palace on Wheels, royal Rajasthan on wheels etc. These special trains offer superlative and extensively opulent services which lets the traveler experience the royalty of India in a better way. Throughout the stay of the travelers, they are bestowed the royal delights just like the Indian kings. These trains covers various but the most popular destinations so that the travelers can have the best and most of northern India in a single journey.

From the above mentioned northern rails, the Palace on Wheels was the first and most prominent one. It proudly falls under the league of the best ten luxury trains in the world. This train takes its travelers to the world of royalty with its ethnic and tremendously refined interiors as well as the dazzling exteriors. It’s not just the train which is designed to bestow royalty but also the itinerary. The itineraries of this special train are strategically designed in order to make it comfortable as well as exciting to the passengers. The train takes its travelers to famous places and starts from the national capital Delhi covering glorious cities including their famous attractions like Havelis, forts and palaces of Rajasthan. The train, after covering the prominent and royally best destinations of Rajasthan, concludes the journey with Agra. The train will have frequent stoppages at important sites during the day. However, the night is for the travelers to have thorough rest throughout the journey.