I travel quite a bit and usually rent homes rather than staying in hotels. It is generally much more cost-effective, especially when traveling in larger groups. However, when hosts do not properly take care of their properties or provide the proper amenities, it can be quite challenging.

When a trip starts out that way, it can bring the entire trip down, but that was far from the case during a recent diving vacation in Gozo. From the time I arrived at the airport and picked up my rental car in Malta to my arrival at my rented home for my Gozo holiday to my various excursions to my departure, everything was about as perfect as it could be.

Having arrived late at night, I was pleasantly surprised to find my host, Dave, had already furnished the house with a “care package” that included some fruit for the evening as well as just about everything we needed for breakfast, including coffee, cream, sugar, cereal, and milk. It was quite a relief to know that we would not have to head out for something to eat that night or rush to the store in the morning.

In addition to the amenities, our host was quite helpful in picking out some diving and kayaking trips for us to enjoy. Through our communications, I made it clear this was my first trip and would appreciate any help and assistance he could provide to make sure everyone in our group had a wonderful time.

Our first diving trip was scheduled for the Blue Hole. My understanding is that this is one of the more popular diving sites in the area that is enjoyed by divers of all experience levels. About 15 minutes into the dive, I realized why.

I have seen some spectacular sites when diving, but the array or colors and rock formations was something truly majestic. We were also treated to some of the most spectacular underwater sea life I have seen in years. It was one of the most memorable diving sessions I have ever had in my diving career.

Two members of our group were not divers, but instead were avid kayakers. When we returned from our dive, they could not shut up about the incredible day they had on the water kayaking in Gozo. Their local guide kayaked with them to a small beach, where they were able to beach the kayaks and enjoy some snorkeling before their paddle back home.

While this was our group’s first trip to Gozo, I can assure you, it will not be our last. The wives are already researching different restaurants and diving spots for us to enjoy during our next trip. One thing they will not have to research, though, is where we are staying, because we already have the perfect house and the perfect host!

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