Cheap car hire can offer you with a host of benefits whether you’re heading off on holiday and need a car for a few days or you’re considering hiring a car for a week or more. Thousands of people choose cheap car hire for longer term solutions, whether their vehicle is in the shop for repairs or they don’t own a vehicle and need one to take the family on a well-earned break.

The main benefit to choosing cheap car hire for a longer term solution is that you get to control your own travel time. When you are living and working in any area, how you get to and from work is important. You can save yourself valuable time by using your own vehicle, reducing the amount of time wasted waiting for public transport and then waiting patiently as they stop at a number of stops en-route. It is cheaper and more practical in the long run.

Using cheap car hire can give you your independence back. When you rely on your vehicle daily and suddenly it is taken away from you. Maybe you have an accident and it’s in for repairs, or it breaks down and is in the workshop who is waiting for parts to arrive. Whatever the reason when your independence is taken away and you have to rely on friends, family and public transport, you will find that paying for car hire is a great way to regain your independence and give you the freedom that you are used to.

Being able to drive yourself can offer you so many benefits. If you use a taxi service or a bus service, getting them to stop at various stops just for you isn’t really on their itinerary for the day. The option is to hire a car with driver or take advantage of cheap car hire so you can go where you want when you want, even if you realise late at night that you don’t have milk for your morning coffee, you have the freedom to run to the shop in the car without worrying.

Further, if you have a small compact car and you’re planned a weekend away with a group of friend, taking advantage of cheap car hire for the entire weekend or longer is a great way to travel together. This means you leave and arrive together, which is always beneficial when travelling as a group. It’s add fun and excitement to the trip and helps save on fuel, as you aren’t driving a host of vehicles, all using fuel.

You will find that cheap car hire, if you choose to rent for a month or more is affordable. Not to mention that they usually come with additional benefits. Bear in mind that car hire vehicles are well-maintained and are serviced regularly, giving you peace of mind. In addition to this, often they will come with insurance and break down cover, two things you don’t have to think about over and above the rental cost.

It is important when considering longer term car rentals that you only hire from a reputable company with years of knowledge and experience. The company should be able to provide you with a wide choice of vehicles, accommodating your travel needs and budget from economy cars to family sedans and SUV’s to bakkies and more.

Ensure that when booking cheap car hire, whether for a week, month or longer, that you know what is included in the price. This reduces the risk of receiving an unexpected bill when you return the car at the end of the rental period.

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