A luxury houseboat experience is a great way to spend your holidays. It can be a unique vacation compared to the usual tour to other countries to visit old museums and other edifices.

Such experience could offer a whole lot of fun and exciting activities for you and your family members. But to make the best out of it, you should be guided on the renting process since it is the first step of creating a wonderful time on a chartered luxury houseboat. Your whole experience might be affected if you rent a luxury houseboat which does not meet your needs and preferences, as well as your family’s.

So, here are some renting tips you should keep in mind.

1. Decide whether you like to travel from place to place or stay docked on a particular area. If you choose the former, you may need to obtain a boating license before you cruise. Some if not all luxury houseboat companies even require such before you could rent one.

2. To increase the possibility of renting a quality boat, you must find a business establishment that really focuses on chartering luxury houseboats. You may find a company which manages other many kinds of rentals like yachts and barges but only has one or two luxury houseboats. Such company might not be capable of giving you enough safety details as opposed to one which has a significant number of houseboats for hire. This is very important since your whole family’s safety primarily depends on how reliable the houseboat is. Since safety should always come first in any situation including having fun and creating great memories, choose a trustworthy rental company which gives complete and detailed description of luxury houseboats, complete maintenance reports, thorough safety information, and substantial orientation meetings.

3. As much as possible, you personally check the luxury houseboat before you finalize the rental process. You do this because sometimes, pictures posted on websites of rental companies are misleading, inaccurate, or not updated. Normally, you only get the good information and see great and appealing features, not the flaws or damages. Surely, it would be worth the time and effort.

As you personally inspect a houseboat, look for the following features which are common to luxury houseboats.

• Bedrooms: up to four totally enclosed bedrooms with king size zip apart beds with quality bed and bathroom linen. Each bedroom is provided with LCD TV and DVD, full shower, and luxury toilet.

• Kitchen: fully-equipped kitchen with cupboards and drawers, bench space, latest and stainless steel appliances which include double door fridge and dishwasher, 8 to 10 seat dining table.

• Entertainment Deck: 6 to 8 seater spa or jacuzzi, complete dining setting, multi-burner BBQ, TV/DVD with built-in sound system, bar fridge, deck chairs and benches.

• Living Rooms: two living rooms, lounge and bar area, LCD TV and built-in sound system, bar fridge.

• Others: generator, communication system, swim platform with a swim ladder.

However, if dropping by the rental company of your choice before your vacation is not feasible, check out online reviews or ask people you know who have already tried renting a luxury houseboat from that specific company.

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