The Superior Bern

The numerous mountains of over 4000 meters, the great villages and the modern installations and resorts dedicated to the winter sports, such as Grindelwald and Meiringen-Hasliberg could guarantee you an excellent ski vacation. The charming view of the Brienz and Thun lakes will allow you to see the snowy mountains around, including the worldwide famous mountains such as Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau!


An imposing sightseeing of snow and ice, that hosts the most important mountains of Switzerland, and the crown of the region, Monte Cervino awaits the tourists in the Valais region. Moreover, the tallest icebergs from the Alps, including Aletsch and the impressive skiing domains such as Vallees, Saas-Fee and Les Portes du Soleil are situated here. The snowed forests and the traditional houses made of wood complete this dream image of the region.


The biggest of the Swiss cantons present a large number of tourist attractions: ski areas with a huger diversity, such as Flims-Laax-Falera, numerous spa offers, and recognized skiing resorts such as Davos, St. Moritz and Samnaun, combined with the excellent gastronomy are the main attractions of this area. Every year, celebrities from all over the world come here for a perfect winter vacation. Switzerland is known for its great ski areas, with a rich tradition. The passionate of snow vacation will find roads without traffic that lead to the worldwide-recognized resorts with a luxury atmosphere.

In Switzerland, there are 74 mountains of over 4000 meters, and the tallest 12 of them are situated in the Pennine Alps. The most recognized of them is Mount Cervino, with the modern resort Zermatt. There is also the group composed of three mountains, Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau that are situated in the Southern Bern. Here, the annual competition Lauberhorn takes place. From Grindelwald, you can reach the tallest cable transport installation, Jungfraujoch.

The ski zone Les Portes du Soleil, situated south of the Geneva lake promise you fun and unlimited ski options, being composed of 12 French and Swiss resorts, having more than 650 ski routes and 211 cable installations.

In 1956, Switzerland had the honor of hosting the Winter Olympic Games in Saint Moritz. The town with a rich tradition offers not only a great atmosphere, but also a ski area of an international standard. You will find great areas to ski there, whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier. However, make sure you are not distracted by the beautiful sightseeing, as skiing is not as simple as it sounds! Saint Moritz is considered the jewelry of the Swiss skiing, and a visit here is mandatory for any tourists, which is looking for an interesting skiing destination.

Ski Resorts