Many artists have shown their artistic skills by making beautiful paintings in the surrounding of Ibiza. The artists visit the Mediterranean island to turn their imagination into reality. That is why there are a large number of museums and exhibition halls in the island that display the traces of history and works of art that depict the colors and lifestyle of the people living on the island.

Many artists from the different parts of the world have settled on the island. Ibiza has become a refuge for the artists, painters, and sculptors that visited the place looking for a secluded place where they could express their feelings in the form of art. The clear picture of the island is loved by painters and photographers who have gathered the different facets of the island’s rich culture. The artists from the different parts of the globe have tried to capture everything from the landscape to the hippies to the old Ibizan culture and traditions in art.

There are a large number of privately-owned art galleries in Ibiza. Some of them include Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte’s Lune Rouge in Ibiza town and La Nave Salinas in the small harbor. Many restaurants on the island also display the works of local artists in exhibitions such as the Art CafĂ© Can Tuxedo near San Rafael.

You can enjoy the art and culture of the island in the annual Bloop festival. The festival marks the celebration on global issues through art. You can see ideas are expressed through gigantic murals. You can expect live installations, interactive workshops, and music at the festival. There are other interesting art exhibitions on the island that keep the art and culture alive.


There are some of the best museums on the island such as the Mace contemporary art museum in the old town of Ibiza which shows the works of international artists. Another museum named the Museo Puget is located in Ibiza town and shows the artwork of two popular artists’ sons of Ibiza, Puget Vinas, and Puget Riquer. The museum is located in a beautiful old palace. The works of the two painters are divided into different galleries.

There is an old country house near the church of Santa Eulalie that is home to the Ethnographic Museum of Ibiza. The museum shows the island’s pastoral way of life including household utensils and farming equipment. You can also view old jewelry, traditional costumes, musical instruments, and weapons. You can imagine life on the island a couple of hundred years ago.

Art club Ibiza is an association of visual arts comprising artists of different origin. The main aim of the club is to make the artworks of its members available to the public through different exhibitions and events. Since 2007, the club has been organizing an Art on the Catwalk event. The event calls upon artists and fashion designers to send wearable art down the catwalk. It links to the people who are involved with the design. All outfits must be made from unusual materials and should match the styles of the season.

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