Yachting is a popular sporting activity in this part of the world. It is one of the serene and beautiful islands in the Caribbean to explore and for that there is no better mode than a charter yacht. Anguilla Yacht Charter has several options to offer you starting from, simple sailboats and bare boats to crewed yachts or motorized luxury yachts. The Yacht Charter takes you around the pristine beaches while you enjoy your freedom and luxury in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Beautiful Beaches of Anguilla

Anguilla has around thirty beautiful white coral beaches. There are several good resorts and hotels with the beaches as a perfect background. During your yacht expedition you should not miss out Shoal Bay East and the Rendezvous Bay because these are the two most beautiful beaches around the Caribbean. In Shoal Bay beach you can enjoy lot of live music. You can explore the hidden spots among the Anguilla beaches i.e., the Mimi Bay which is known as the romantic beach. From the Road Bay beach you can watch several luxury yachts and super yachts sailing along. This beach has plenty of restaurants and eateries. The Katouche Bay is another good beach for picnic. In Anguilla there are very good recreational diving spots and you can explore its beautiful coral reefs. If you are looking for more relaxation, just walk around leisurely and listen to the music created by the waves while enjoying the spectacular sunset view from the shores of one of these beaches.

Accommodation And Food

The place has several apartments, villas, luxury hotels and cottages. Your stay in one of these establishments is well taken care of by the vacation rental. Some of these rentals offer boating, snorkeling and scuba-diving equipments. Booking of accommodation is hassle free and there is customer care service available for making it much easier. These rentals would find you good accommodation that suits your taste and the wallet. Night life in many of these hotels is aimed at relaxation and comfort of visitors and the rentals ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your holidays in Anguilla.

There is always good food available in Anguilla served by beachfront shacks and luxurious hotels alike depending upon your taste. Many of them offer variety of food items, from continental, American to local Anguillan dishes. The cuisine delicacies and personalized services of the Yacht Charter would keep you remembering your Anguilla vacation for a long time to come.


Local travel in Anguilla is very smooth. For your exclusive inland travel, there are cars and motor cycles available on rental. Anguilla is connected with Saint Martin by ferry service through the Anguilla channel. You can also avail the ferry services for traveling from one island to the other. Taking a ferry is joyful and inexpensive.

No wonder Anguilla, the queen of Caribbean Sea enjoys a prominent place in the heart of every holiday maker.

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